Pennsylvania 200 at Pocono Raceway - August 2007

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Time to Get Busy Grant - Workin' it!  Chuck and his Details
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John, Brent & Duane... Brakes  John & Brent Wrapping It Up  Hard Earned Rest
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Aaron Getting Dirty  John, Ed & Brent... Inspection  Chuck & Duane Pondering Life
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Tech Line  Under the ARCA Microscope  Gearing Up
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The #7 Has Air Conditioning  Pace Lap Tribute to the Fans  Starting Grid
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Race Ready  Star of the Show  Lucky 7
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Thank you QuadraFlex!  One Bad Ride  Ummm... Hoosier???
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Duane's World!  Boogity! Boogity!  Proof Positive

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